Are tech gadgets only for men?

Judging from these two ads, you could definitely think that – 

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 08.34.38

Nosh Video

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 08.44.48

Galaxy Gear Video 

When looking at these two ads separately, you may not think much of it – they are funny ads both targeting men.

However, when you put the two example next two each, commonalities appear:

– Women are only in secondary roles – they are to be dated and to be pursued.

– The women never get to interact with the app or the smartwatch – I guess a woman does not want gadgets – they may be just too complicated for her…

– Also, these ads remind us of how superficial women are: Terrible food over dinner will lead to the end of a date (not actually the personality of the man). We are supposed to be impressed by a guy’s use of gadgets… and chose our partner on his ability to create a moment, because dating a loser who drops his glass is not possible?!

But I’m glad to read that we are now being thought of:

Designing The Next Generation of Wearables, with Women in Mind.


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