Getting into Product Management

Here's some of the questions I get asked by people interested in product management. What is a Product Manager? In a nutshell, a Product Manager oversees a team of engineers, designers and testers to develop a product, bring it to market and grow it. A Product Manager sits at the interface between design, engineering and … Continue reading Getting into Product Management

On the female PM debate

I read Marty Cagan’s article on why women make the best Product Managers with utmost interest. I agree that to some extent the qualities society rewards in women are beneficial to the role of Product Manager — such as emotional intelligence and humility. On the other hand, qualities associated with masculinity may be not be as beneficial. … Continue reading On the female PM debate

How to pretend to be a great Product Manager

Step 1: Show that you understand and know everything tech-related Repeat the techie words your developers use with an air of superiority to show that you know what they mean, especially if you have no clue. Maybe start a conversation about the advantages and drawbacks of different programming languages. Explain how you’re currently dabbling in … Continue reading How to pretend to be a great Product Manager