Work vs. family – how do men do it?

Today I was at a women and tech event. This isn’t the first one I’ve been to and I noticed that some of the usual questions came up. Questions about how to give young girls role models in tech, how to bring opportunities to primary and secondary schools, about what ‘in tech’ really means, until … Continue reading Work vs. family – how do men do it?

What about the men?

ICT interventions to prevent violence against women more often than not work with... women In the last decade Information and Communication Technology (ICT) went from being a buzzword to representing an essential tick-box in the development community as more and more donors and NGO professionals see opportunities in ICT to add value to their existing … Continue reading What about the men?

Why breastfeeding is everybody’s business

Today I read quite an interesting article about how  ‘Breastfeeding is a grey area for Ugandan mothers’. Namubiro's article is from 2009 but still relevant for today.  She makes a very good point – which is also widely acknowledged - a lot of mothers in Uganda stop breastfeeding early, a lot of them exclusively breastfeed … Continue reading Why breastfeeding is everybody’s business