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Work vs. family – how do men do it?

What happened when I asked men how they balance family and career

What about the men?

ICT interventions to prevent violence against women more often than not work with... women

Why breastfeeding is everybody’s business

Today I read quite an interesting article about how  ‘Breastfeeding is a grey area for Ugandan mothers’. Namubiro's article is from 2009 but still relevant for today.  She makes a very good point – which is also widely acknowledged -... Continue Reading →

Are tech gadgets only for men?

Judging from these two ads, you could definitely think that -  Nosh Video Galaxy Gear Video  When looking at these two ads separately, you may not think much of it - they are funny ads both targeting men. However, when you... Continue Reading →

On sexist social marketing

In her TED talk Amy Lockwood talks about selling condoms in the Congo. She shows examples of condoms given for free by NGOs, international organisations or the government. She mocks their designs because they use pictures and slogans highlighting things... Continue Reading →

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